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There are some of the questions that we frequently receive from our customers. If you don’t find the answer to your own question here, please feel free to contacts us at LiveZilla Live Help  anytime.

Q: Can you make a customized cloak for me out of hot pink velvet and then line it with lime green satin sprinkled with orange polka dots?

A, Just kidding! No one has asked for this one yet. But, that being said, we do get a lot of requests to make custom cloaks in specific colors that we don’t currently have listed. Unfortunately, we are not able to take custom orders at this point. However, sometimes we do have a color of cloak that for one reason or another isn’t listed in our internet store. So if you are interested in a particular color that you don’t see, please let us know. Also, we are always on the lookout for new color combinations, lengths, or styles to add permanently as offerings in our store. So if you would like to give us suggestions, please do so! Several of the color combinations we offer today are there because more than one person asked for them.

Q: Can you shorten a cloak for me (or can you make arm-slits, put a clasp on it, or line it with a different material for me)?

A, Unfortunately, we are not set up right now to take custom orders or to make alterations on our apparel. But if you need any suggestions on doing so yourself or having it done, please let us know. For instance, it is very easy to remove the front ties on our cloaks and replace them with your own metal cloak clasps; similarly, it is usually quite inexpensive to have the cloak or gown or skirt hemmed to your own specifications by a local tailor or even your dry-cleaner. Let us know if you need any advice.

Q: Do your cloaks have arm slits or openings?

A, No, there are no arm slits or openings for your arms cut into our cloaks.

Q: Is this lined cloak reversible?

A, No, we do not consider our lined cloaks to be reversible for the simple reason that we think the satin worn on the outside would look a bit odd. But technically, it could be worn that way, if you choose to do so, since there aren't any unfinished seams on the satin interior of the cloak. There are no raw edges showing in any capacity, since the reverse of the lining is sewn to the reverse of the outer cloak.

Q: How should I clean my lined cloak?

A, All of our lined cloaks are dry clean only due to the satin lining and the velvet (the two fabrics may stretch at different rates, and you don’t want to warp your cloak. If it’s just a matter of hair or thread or minor dirt sitting on top of the velvet and you don’t want to dry clean it, we have found that a good once-over with a lint roller or pet-hair remover (the kind with the peel-away masking tape panels) works wonders on the velvet.

Q: How should I clean my unlined cloak?

A, Unlined crushed velvet cloaks can be put in the washing machine on the delicate/gentle setting using cold water. Put dark-colored cloaks only with like colors, as they may bleed in the first few washings. Unlined cloaks may be tumble-dried in the dryer on a cool setting. Do not hang your cloak up to dry, or you will stretch out the fabric.

Q: Can I put my satin circle skirt, velvet belly dance costume, or velvet medieval dress in the washing machine?

A, Yes. Our satin skirts and our belly dance costumes and gowns made only from velvet are washable in the washing machine, but make sure to put them on a delicate/gentle setting using cold water only. And for the velvets, only like colors should be put with the garments, since they may bleed with the first few washings. Tumble dry on a cool, gentle setting in the dryer. Important: do not hang up to dry anything made out of crushed velvet, as the material may stretch out as it dries from the weight of the wet fabric. Please note: if your velvet medieval dress has satin lining anywhere, it is safest to dry clean it.

Q: Which size should I choose?

A, When choosing a particular size, please look at all of the measurements listed in the individual item’s product details. It’s not a good idea to buy a piece of clothing just because it’s a size you normally would wear, since most clothing brands differ in their sizing. Our items’ measurements are given in inches, but for our international customers, 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

Q: Do you ship to mountains of Nepal? Where else will you ship?

A, We are happy to ship anywhere in the world if you give us a valid postal address! International customers are always welcome here. But be sure you understand your country’s customs and importations laws. It is very likely that you will have to pay taxes or duties on anything you buy internationally and have shipped to yourself. These are collected by the customs department in your own country and can sometimes be pricey and delay the delivery of your package. Unfortunately, we are not able to control this.

Q: How quickly will you ship out my order?

A, Quick shipping is one of our priorities at Hundred Snow Dream Designs. We make every effort to ship out your order by the next business day.

Q: How long will I have to wait to receive my order?

A, The next day after payment we will start the project, most countries require 7-14 days to arrive.(those are postal business days, so not counting holidays and Sundays). We have found that with a few exceptions, this is an accurate delivery time estimate. If you need your package quicker, please select “Express Shipping” at checkout, Choose the emergency shipping +$10 (5-7 to reach most countries)

Q: Is there a tracking number on my package?

A, Yes, there are tracking number, we will release site, you can log the user name to view tracking information.

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